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Ludwig Kuttner

IX Art Park
Charlottesville, VA
A pioneering developer in Downtown Charlottesville and venture capitalist with 50 years of real estate development experience, Ludwig is dedicated to the promotion of arts and culture in Charlottesville. Easily recognizable with his spray of white hair and colorful wardrobe, Ludwig has helped shape Charlottesville into the pedestrian, bike and family friendly space we now know it as. For instance, Ludwig was an instrumental voice in advocating that the Downtown Mall allow outdoor cafe seating, which is now an intrinsic part of the experience. And when the Paramount Theater was slated for demolition, it was Ludwig who purchased it. Today it sits as a landmark on the pedestrian mall. His passion and expertise is in advancing good design in civic spaces.It was just a little more than fate that led him and his family here. Nearly forty years ago, his wife, Beatrix Ost, had held a pendulum over a map of the eastern United States. It stopped just south of Charlottesville. With their love of arts and culture, Ludwig and Beatrix renovated the Estouteville Estate and have been supporting the arts community ever since, including Second Street Gallery and Live Arts.A few years ago, Ludwig met Charlottesville resident, Brian Wimer, at Burning Man. It was there they hatched the idea for the IX Art Project. They put together a team including Susan Krischel who was instrumental in the development. For the past three years, their collective vision of an interactive art space that brings together the community with events, open space and art has continued to mature.