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Alexa Sponcia

Live Love Hope
Co-Founder of Live Love Hope
Knoxville, TN
Alexa is a builder and a creator. There is always an idea working in her head. Alexa sees a need and figures out a way to fix or create the solution. She is the Co-Founder of Live Love Hope, Owner of Hard Knox Pizzeria and M6 Strength and Conditioning in Knoxville, TN. Her and her husband created multiple programs in the urban schools in their area. With their three commercial businesses and their non-profit, they stay busy. They believe that if they can facilitate one kids life to be changed then that child can go and change their future family. It becomes a ripple affect. Alexa is passionate about the kids in the urban schools. She is always on the go and trying to figure out where she can help next. Between her and her husband they has launched, acquired, operated and sold multiple businesses in their town.