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Liz Ogbu

Studio O
Founder + Principal
Oakland, CA
I'm a designer, urbanist, and spatial justice activist. An architect by training, my passion is around engaging and transforming unjust urban environments. I work primarily with communities who have been marginalized, ignored or silenced, and I view my purpose as helping to shape places that can support them in living their best stories. I do this work in part through my consultancy Studio O, which is a multidisciplinary design practice that operates at the intersection of racial and spatial justice. My projects range from an antiracist housing project in Charlottesville to a spatial justice framework for a park in San Francisco. I'm an occasional academic and have previously held appointments at UC Berkeley, Stanford’s d.school, and UVA. I currently am on the board of and teach with Design Futures, a national design program that works to decolonize design education.

I spend a lot of time thinking about issues of grieving and healing intersect with our relationship with places and our path to liberation.